Success Stories

The secret to success:
  • Mindset
  • Healthy eating
  • A great Coach!

Great results in just 9 days!!!!! Jake Guinness is keeping me on the straight and narrow!


Penny Jackson-Smith 2015
In 2012 I got married although I love my wedding pics I could see the pounds had slowly pilled on, size 16 & nearly 13 stone was the biggest ive been ! It was time to change ! I joined the gym to loose the weight & sort my back problems out. I had suffered with back pain for years and having a sit down job did not help . I met with Jake and he started me on a program to sort out my back first . This has been achieved (yeh). The difference is wonderful, I can do so much more now with out the worrie of hurting my back . We then started on the weight side . With a lot of work and determination from myself and Jake I am now a size 10 & lost over 3 stone . I will not say its been easy , I nearly gave up several time but Jake has been amazing , he never gave up on me & he is now training my husband for his back problems. So thanks JAKE , but your not getting rid of me yet , Im still a work in progress !! LOL


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Sharon Sayer 2015
One year ago I couldn't move without pain... Walking was uncomfortable...sleeping without medication impossible, my back was not in a good way and surgery seemed the final outcome.I made a decision that the situation couldn't continue and took a trip to the local gym. As I was nervous of what I could do I booked an appointment with a pt... Well from then on I haven't looked back. Jake has given me support, encouragement, shared his knowledge and made me suffer...but suffer in a good way. I wanted to get stronger to support my back and maybe get fitter along the way. One year on ... Almost no back pain , stronger and more flexible than I have ever been and lifting heavy weights and now aiming to lift in a competition. My weight has dropped significantly and is still decreasing and I have more energy than I have had in forever. This would not have been possible without Jake . He keeps me interested , focused and on track . I know that without Jakes training my life would have continued to be pain filled and tough... But now the only pain is good post training aches and I'm learning to be tough.. Thank you Jake.

Rebekah Smith 2015